Finding Community

This morning I was in a funk, and told Alex that I needed to find a yoga class (with no access to a car), and work on my root chakra, and find a community of friends, AND HOW IN THE WORLD IS ALL OF THAT GOING TO HAPPEN!!?? I proceeded to be in a funk. And this evening, I decided that needed to change.

I recited Japji, and then I took my yoga mat and went alone to the beach to do the Meditation to Totally Recharge you. On the beach, there were 3 yogis from my building practicing together. I was scared that my Spanish wasn't good enough to join them and that they may not want another addition to the class. I decided to take the risk and introduce myself and the grace and warmth with which they welcomed me - to yoga class, to the building, to Mexico, is indescribable. So much joy and love and acceptance. They told me that the focus of the class was working on THE ROOT CHAKRA. And then, as if things could have been anymore magical, they added me to their weekly stand up paddle board yoga club. Wow, universe, wow. Wahe Guru.

The message on my Yogi tea bag this morning was: "Let things come to you." I felt a lot of self-doubt, and fear, and uncertainty today. But when I let all of that go and just focused on breathing, and yoga, and being open - so much came to me. I feel so grateful to the women who welcomed me into their class today.